Cool & Eco-Friendly Bamboo Composite

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Cool & Eco-Friendly Bamboo Composite

Fancy something very cool,

practical and eco-friendly?

Have a look at our

Bamboo Composite products!


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For a week we hold a great sale event where you can get wonderful items made of Bamboo Composite. We have plenty to choose from including Kids dinner Sets, Lunchboxes, Cups, Plates and Water Jugs. All are made with eco-friendly bamboo that comes from chopsticks offcuts. All are food safe and can be put in the dishwasher. Only thing to remember is to not use it with food / drinks that are over 70 degrees Celsius! 


Look for our Bamboo Composite collection and find something great for yourself or as a super cool gift!

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at checkout! 

Offer ends 09/08/2020 and is limited to one use per customer. Only one discount code can be used at one time. Offer valid for all new and returning customers (UK only)

Happy Shopping!  

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